COMPLETED : New city cafe in center of Moscow
LOCATION : Russia, Moscow, Pokrovka 6
The cafe tends to the stylistic of contemporary scandinavian design with the elements of eco-design.
The first painting was made by the Crocodile power group artists.
The light and warmth of brick walls together with the natural wood create a cozy and airy atmosphere.
The walls covered with the special paint allowing to paint them over and over again with felt-tip pens add to the brightness of interior.
The natural oak color used in interior finishing and furniture is balanced with the ply furniture designed by a Kyiv bureau odsd2.
The paintings in the interior are provided by Triumph art gallery.
Fooodcafe is situated in the center of old Moscow on Pokrovka street.
Russia, Moscow, Pokrovka 6

Oleg Ivanov-Shtofman
Sandro Sherents
Liza Nechaeva