LOCATION : Russia, Moscow, Golitsinsky Pond, Gorky Park, Krimsky Val 9
The building is a light wooden space with a summer terrace and an all-season cafe with a view to the most picturesque pond in the park.
All the three cafe areas - the open terrace, the cafe and the service zone - are united by a metallic roof that goes over to the main and rear elevations. The roof, cut through the front elevation, shows the wooden frame of the building.
The roof on the rear elevation is also cut and partly lowered to the walls. Therefore the niches are formed. They allow to conviniently place all the technical equipment there.
The first two areas - the terrace and the cafe - are divided by a complex wall consisting of floor-to-ceiling windows and solid perpendicular walls.
The windows create an impression that both areas form a common space and open a view to the pond's island.
The solid partitions divide the cafe into compartions and create additional cozy ambiente and a variety of dining places, both inside and outside.
The second and the third areas - the cafe and the service area - are divided by a completely straight wall.
The wall contains two niches for the bar and the food service; a heat resistant glass window that searates a barbeque grill from the visitors, the doors to the WC and the office.
The entire area of the building is 260 sq. m.
Russia, Moscow, Golitsinsky Pond, Gorky Park, Krimsky Val 9